After Knee Surgery

The recovery program after knee realignment surgery is based on finding a balance between knee rehabilitation and prevention of loss of the alignment obtained during the surgery. Here are some instructions for the first six weeks after surgery:

  • A hinged knee brace will be provided to you before you leave the hospital. You need to keep it on at all times including at night.
  • For the first two weeks the brace will be locked in extension. Dr. Stoita will unlock it at two weeks after surgery when you will begin range of motion exercises.
  • The brace is needed for a total of six weeks.
  • You are not allowed to weight bear through the operated leg for six weeks. You can rest the leg on the ground for balancing only.
  • Keep the leg elevated above the level of the heart if excessive swelling is present.
  • You must refrain from smoking, as this is detrimental to bone healing.


Your wound usually requires very little care. The wound is usually closed with and absorbable suture and ”glue” is applied on top of it to make it waterproof and to assist healing. The dressing will be changed before discharge and you must keep the wound dry until is healed. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. Dr. Stoita will inspect your wound at the first postoperative visit at 10-14 days after surgery.


Because of the break created in the bone and the superficial location of the bone, swelling is relatively common after this procedure. This can also affect wound healing. Apply ice packs to your leg and keep the leg elevated above the level of the heart if excessive swelling is present.


The preferred pain medication after your discharge is Panadol or Panadeine. If stronger medications are required you will need to see your GP, as these may need to be closely monitored and adjusted.


You will not be able to drive for at least six weeks and likely longer if you had surgery on the right leg or are driving a manual car.


Commonly, you will be discharged home on the day of this procedure. When you wake up after your surgery you will notice a big bulky dressing on your leg. This is to be reduced at 24 hours after surgery. The wounds underneath the dressings will have a waterproof dressing on top. The wounds need to remain dry until healed or until you see Dr. Stoita at your first postoperative appointment.

Rapid rehabilitation is usually the norm after an arthroscopy and depending of the surgical treatment required, Dr. Stoita will provide you with the appropriate rehabilitation protocol tailored to your individual needs if you schedule an appointment at our clinic in Sydney.