Dr Razvan Stoita is a highly experienced, fellowship trained orthopaedic hip and knee surgeon. He has subspecialty expertise in treating hip conditions, hip replacement, partial and total knee replacement, knee ligament sports injuries and knee pain due to patella(kneecap) maltracking and instability. Dr Stoita is an early adopter of modern computerized and robotic surgical techniques in hip and knee replacement surgery. He routinely uses 3D computer analysis in the assessment and management of knee and patella deformities and failed hip and knee replacements.

About Dr Razvan Stoita

Dr Stoita has been in consultant practice since 2015 dealing with all elements of hip and knee conditions ranging from children’s hip and knee injuries through to complex revision (redo) surgery for failed joint replacements. His philosophy is to provide joint preservation surgery where he routinely performs ligament repairs and reconstructions, meniscal repairs and limb realignment (osteotomy) surgery. Hip and knee replacement is reserved for patients that have advanced joint degeneration not amenable to joint preserving surgery.

Dr Stoita completed his orthopaedic training on the Sydney Northside Training Scheme of the Australian Orthopaedic Association rotating through some of the best hospitals in the country. He subsequently successfully completed International Fellowships and Courses in Hip and Knee Surgery in London, Hamburg and Annecy (France) under the guidance of some of the world’s best surgeons.

Dr Stoita is one of the founding members of the Limb Reconstruction Centre at Macquarie University Hospital. His work at the Limb Reconstruction Centre involves surgery on patients with extremely complex and difficult orthopaedic conditions such as bone and joint infections, complex hip and knee deformities, leg length discrepancy, failed hip and knee replacements, complex multi ligamentous knee injuries.

Joint Preservation Surgery

Dr Stoita has a specific interest in knee ligament repair and reconstruction. He uses almost exclusively part of the quadriceps tendon to perform anatomic, all inside, arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. In a significant number of well selected patients, the ACL reconstruction is augmented with a lateral extraarticular tenodesis (LET) which has shown to decrease the re-rupture rate from 5% to approximately 1%.

He has a special interest in computerised 3D modelling in the assessment of patients with knee deformities. In young and active suitable patients, he performs knee realignment surgery (osteotomy) using 3D printed patient specific guides that allow for accurate, minimally invasive surgery with rapid rehabilitation. This joint preserving surgery leads to restoration of knee function and postpones the need for knee replacement surgery.

He also has a keen interest in malrotation problems of the lower limbs and how they present as knee or hip pain. He performs derotation osteotomies of femora and/or tibia on a regular basis.

Dr Stoita is at the forefront of the evolving techniques in arthroscopic and other types of joint preservation techniques, and this has led him to establish a programme for orthopaedic fellows from Australia and around the world looking to refine their skills in hip and knee surgery.

Hip and Knee Joint Replacements (Arthroplasty)

Dr Stoita routinely uses computerized and robotic surgical techniques to perform hip and knee replacements which in combination with the use of high performing bearing surfaces and materials can return patients to a high level of activity. He routinely uses computerised 3D modelling of joint anatomy and joint movement to assist with surgical planning. He is one of few surgeons who has been trained and is competent in the use of both the direct anterior and the posterior approach in performing hip replacement surgery.

He has significant experience in revision hip and knee surgery, which involves correcting joint replacements which have failed due to infection, injury, wear and tear. He routinely uses cementless implants with high performing bearings to maximise the return to function.

He closely collaborates with Infectious Diseases Consultants to provide best treatment to patients with infected hip or knee replacements which are some of the most complex procedures in orthopaedic surgery.

With a warm and professional approach, Dr. Razvan Stoita and his team will take time to make sure you fully understand all the information provided and required for your orthopaedic care. With national and international experience and expertise in the most advanced and complex hip and knee and lower limb deformities you can rest assured Dr Stoita will always aim for the best outcomes in his patients.