Some form of physiotherapy is required for most procedures that Dr. Razvan Stoita performs. Usually your first visit to the physiotherapist begins well before your surgery. You can choose your own physiotherapist or Dr. Stoita can recommend a physiotherapist that would be most appropriate for the procedure you are going to have. During his experience as an orthopaedic doctor, Dr Stoita has known many physiotherapists and can always recommend you someone truly professional.

The preoperative physiotherapy is aimed to assess your level of function prior to surgery, explain what is required from you before and after the surgery, set up goals and manage expectations.

Once you have had surgery the in-hospital rehabilitation begins. If you are a fit and active person you may choose to follow a more intense physiotherapy program that will allow patients to go home at 3 to 4 days after a total joint replacement. You may also choose to follow the standard physiotherapy program. In this case your hospital stay may be between 5 and 7 days.

Whilst in hospital, the physiotherapists will discuss with you options for physiotherapy after discharge. You may choose to go in a rehabilitation facility in which case your physiotherapy will happen there or you may choose to go home and have outpatient’s physiotherapy. Discuss this with your physiotherapist.